How to crack SOF’s IMO?

SOF’s IMO is a reputed maths Olympiad. It has become quite popular among the parents and new generation kids. This exam requires special preparation. Questions asked are from predefined syllabus but are based on advanced concepts and deep understanding. It requires hard work, determination and expert guidance to excel in this exam. The exam is conducted in 2 stages. Only top 5% students get through level 1 to level 2.

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Simple rules to crack IMO:

  1. Get conversant with syllabus and pattern: The first level exam consists of 70% syllabus from the previous class. Go through entire syllabus and identify resources to study the various topics of IMO. IMO papers are usually lengthy and involve tricky questions. One must practice with paper and pen to improve the speed and learning quick calculation tricks.

Olympiad Genius provides printable tests for IMO based on real exam’s difficulty level and previous year IMO papers patterns.


  1. Identify study material and online/offline resources: There are a number of packages and platforms available for IMO preparation. You have to wisely pick up a package/platform for the preparation of IMO. For maths Olympiad, you should choose a platform which provides an online/offline package with printable tests.

Olympiad Genius provides exhaustive and very focused study material for IMO level 1 and other math olympiads for class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. The material is prepared by our team of experts and is reviewed for its quality. All tests are printable for offline preparations as well as can be taken online.


  1. Understand the pattern and difficulty level: IMO level questions are based on concepts applications. Keep in mind unlike other Olympiads, SOF Olympiads are fairly tough. Questions asked are not based on straightforward knowledge of concepts but requires an understanding of concepts application. This is where the difference lies between SOF Olympiads and others. You should not only understand the concept but also should learn about its application. "Achiever's section" questions are based on the advanced level application of concepts. 

Olympiad Genius with its unique methodology of "learn-assess-improve" and quality concept-application based questions and detailed explanations can help you to understand the concepts, reinforce the concept in your mind and understand the advanced level application of concepts....and all this is done progressively in a smart way with the help of improvement plans, adaptive tests and concept application based questions. When others are working hard you can simply learn smart with Olympiad Genius "Achiever's Package"

Remember questions asked in the first level will be from predefined class syllabus only and not from topics meant for senior classes, however, the level of question asked will be really challenging. Questions will not be based on concepts directly but will require advanced application of the concepts. Many sites mislead students by asking questions from topics meant for senior classes. Remember you have to master the concepts and their advanced application and have to strictly adhere to the syllabus otherwise you will be wasting your crucial time.


  1. Start your preparation well in advance: Most of the students who aspire to top the IMO level 1 start preparing for the exam well in advance. 

Olympiad Genius provides "Achiever's Package" to build, reinforce and understand the application of concepts. "Achiever's package" is a must for students aiming for top international ranks. Our team of experts has prepared this package by understanding the patterns of latest IMO question paper as well as IMO previous year papers. No wonder, the majority of our users were able to easily crack the first level of IMO. With our IMO Olympiad sample papers, you can easily crack any Maths Olympiad.

Olympiad Genius provides IMO previous year pattern based sample papers for class 1, class 2, class 3, class 4, class 5 and class 6.


  1. Take real-time tests and learn quick calculations: Maths is a subject which requires preparation based on the real pattern with a real feel of time and difficulty. Real IMO Question papers are very lengthy and it requires lots of practice to complete the paper within the stipulated time. Solving maths question online will not be of much advantage to anyone. You have to practice using hard copies. Our suggestion, download hard copies of the sample papers and topic-wise tests from Olympiad Genius, set your alarm and jump to the test.

Olympiad Genius provides downloadable tests. Maths should be practised on hard copies rather than on soft copies. If you have issues with printing the test then you can simply take the test online. Our tests work perfectly well in all browsers and mobiles. 

Olympiad Genius provides IMO first level sample papers designed with the idea of advanced level preparation of real IMO.  


  1. Continuous effort and Regular Practice: Achieving success in IMO is not a one or two days’ affair. It requires lots of hard work and patience. If you don't see success in the beginning, just don't give up. Keep pushing yourself. Soon you will start seeing the results.

Mathematics is what you should actually practice. You will understand the concepts only if you practice hard and cover each and every aspect of the topic. It will bring required confidence and ability to solve any problem.

Olympiad Genius provides you plenty of math Olympiad sample papers and questions covering every topic for IMO level 1 to increase your efficiency and understanding of the concept. 

Olympiad Genius provides IMO sample papers based on patterns of IMO last year papers.


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