Grade Subject Topic
1Science Living and Non-living things   View
1Science Plants   View
1Science Animals   View
1Science Human Beings and Their Needs   View
1Science Good Habits and Safety Rules   View
1Science Air and Water   View
1Science Weather and the Sky   View
1Maths Number Sense   View
1Maths Addition and Subtraction   View
1Maths Time   View
1Maths Lengths, Weights and Comparisons   View
1Maths Money   View
1Maths Geometrical Shapes   View
1English Nouns   View
1English Words : Their Meanings and Opposites   View
1English Feminine and Masculine   View
1English One and Many   View
1English Identify the Word From the Picture   View
1English Animals : Their Babies, Sounds and Groups   View
2Science Plants   View
2Science Animals   View
2Science Human Body   View
2Science Food   View
2Science Housing and Clothing   View
2Science Occupations   View
2Science Transport and Communication   View
2Science Air, Water and Rocks   View
2Science Earth and Universe   View
2Science Family and Festivals   View
2Science Good Habits and Safety Rules   View
2Maths Numerals and Numbers   View
2Maths Computation Operations   View
2Maths Time, Temperature and Money   View
2Maths Pattern and Pictographs   View
2Maths Length, Weight and Capacity   View
2Maths Lines, shapes and solids   View
2English Contractions, Word order and Jumbled words   View
2English Articles, Capitalisation and punctuation   View
2English Prepositions   View
2English Conjunctions   View
2English Pronouns   View
2English Simple Present Tense   View
2English Nouns and Nouns (Picture Puzzle)   View
2English Verbs and Verbs (Picture Puzzle)   View
2English Adjectives and Adjectives (Picture Puzzle)   View
2English Words Mania   View
3Science Living, non living things and plants   View
3Science Animals and Birds   View
3Science Human Body   View
3Science Food   View
3Science Housing and Clothing   View
3Science Transport and Communication   View
3Science Our Environment   View
3Science Earth and Universe   View
3Science Matter and Materials   View
3Science Light, Sound and Force   View
3Maths Multiplication and Division   View
3Maths Money, Time and Calendar   View
3Maths Number System   View
3Maths Fractions   View
3Maths Addition and Subtraction   View
3Maths Length(conversions), Weight, Capacity   View
3Maths Geometry   View
3Maths Data handling   View
3English Homophones, Synonym/Antonym   View
3English Genders and Singular and Plural   View
3English Proverbs and Idioms   View
3English Noun, Pronoun and Adjectives   View
3English Verbs and Adverbs   View
3English Preposition and Conjunction   View
3English Simple Tenses   View
3English Articles and Punctuation   View
3English Questions and Question Tags   View
4Science Living, non living things and Plants   View
4Science Animals and Birds   View
4Science Human Body and Health   View
4Science Food and Clothing   View
4Science Transport and Communication   View
4Science Our Environment   View
4Science Earth and Universe   View
4Science Matter and Materials   View
4Science Work, Force and Energy   View
4Maths Multiplication and Division   View
4Maths Money, Time and Calendar   View
4Maths Number System   View
4Maths Fractions   View
4Maths Addition and Subtraction   View
4Maths Length(conversions), Weight, Capacity   View
4Maths Geometry   View
4Maths Data handling   View
4Maths Factors and Multiples   View
4English Homophones, Synonym/Antonym   View
4English Genders and Singular and Plural   View
4English Proverbs and Idioms   View
4English Noun, Pronoun and Adjectives   View
4English Verbs and Adverbs   View
4English Preposition and Conjunction   View
4English Simple Tenses   View
4English Articles and Punctuation   View
4English Questions and Question Tags   View
5Science Living, non living things and Plants   View
5Science Animals and Birds   View
5Science Human Body and Health   View
5Science Food and Clothing   View
5Science Environment, pollution and calamities   View
5Science Earth and Universe   View
5Science Matter and Materials   View
5Science Work, Force and Energy   View
5Maths Computation Operations   View
5Maths Money, Time and Calendar   View
5Maths Numerals and Numbers   View
5Maths Fractions and Decimals   View
5Maths Length(conversions), Weight, Capacity   View
5Maths Geometry, Area and Perimeter   View
5Maths Data handling   View
5Maths Factors and Multiples   View
5English Homophones, Synonym/Antonym, Word Power   View
5English Genders and Singular and Plural   View
5English Proverbs and Idioms   View
5English Verbs and Adverbs   View
5English Questions and Question Tags   View
5English Noun, Pronoun and Adjectives   View
5English Preposition and Conjunction   View
5English Simple Tenses   View
5English Articles and Punctuation   View
5English Voices and Narration   View
6Science Motion and Measurement of Distances   View
6Science The world of living   View
6Science Food and its components   View
6Science Fibre to fabric   View
6Science Our environment   View
6Science Sorting and seperation of materials   View
6Science Fun with magnets   View
6Science Light,shadow and reflections   View
6Science Electricity and circuits   View
6Science Changes around us   View
6Maths Number System   View
6Maths Integers   View
6Maths Fractions   View
6Maths Decimals   View
6Maths Ratio And Proportion   View
6Maths Algebra   View
6Maths Mensuration   View
6Maths Data Handling   View
6Maths Geometry   View
6English Word Power (Spellings, Collocation, Jumbled Words)   View
6English Vocabulary (Everyday problems, Relationships, Health and Medicine, Travel etc.)   View
6English Proverbs, Idioms and Phrasal verbs   View
6English Noun, Pronoun and Adjectives   View
6English Verbs and Adverbs   View
6English Tenses   View
6English Voices: Active and Passive   View
6English Preposition and Conjunction   View
6English Articles and Punctuation   View
7Science Motion and Time   View
7Science Nutrition in Plants and Animals   View
7English Synonyms and Antonyms   View
7English Analogies and Spellings   View
7English One Word Substitutions, Proverbs, Facts and Opinions.   View
7English Sentence and Sentence Sequences   View
7English Nouns and Pronouns   View
7English Verbs and Phrasal Verbs   View