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Biodegradable: Anything which can be decomposed back to the soil by bacterias or other living organisms. Bio-degradable things do not cause pollution and harm to nature. e.g. wood

Non-biodegradable: Anything which cannot be decomposed back to the soil. Non-biodegradable waste causes pollution and harm to nature. e.g. plastic


Material Properties Usages
Paper Lightweight, flexible, bio-degradable, derived from plants, can't resist fire Books, newspapers, envelopes, kites
Rubber Waterproof, very flexible, elastic in nature, derived from plants, low melting point, melts easily at high temperatures  Shoe base, tyres, toys
 Metals  Strong, durable, hard, good conductor of heat, Heats up and cools down rapidly, non-biodegradable  Farming instruments, kitchen utensils and instruments, kettles, pots
 Glass  Transparent, brittle, waterproof  window panes, windows shields, mirror etc
 Plastic  Durable, flexible, strong, light, bad conductor of heat, low melting point, melts easily at high temperatures, derived from petroleum products and coal, non-biodegradable  Toys, household things
 Wood  Strong, not much flexible, light, derived from plants, bio-degradable, bad conductor of heat, heat does not pass through it easily  doors and windows, furniture, handles of pots and kettles

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