Grade 8, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Analogies 

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What are Analogies?

Analogies are a comparison between two things such that a relationship is established between the two given things.

For example, Milk is to Cow what Wool is to Sheep

This means that the cow gives us milk and sheep gives us wool.


Sword is to warrior what Pen is to a writer.

Dictionary meaning of Analogy:

An analogy is a comparison of two things to highlight their similarities. Often the things being compared are very different, but an analogy highlights how they are alike. An analogy is used to compare two ideas in order to explain one (usually the first one).

In Simple Words:

                An Analogy is which compares the relationship between two things or ideas to highlight or explain a point of similarity.

Example: Dolphin: Pod:: Penguin: Colony

We can say in from the above analogy that: Dolphin is to Pod as Penguin is to Colony. Both are collective nouns as they represent the groups. Pod for Dolphin and Colony for Penguin – Both the pairs of words in the analogy illustrate the same relationship.

NOTE: There can be many types of analogies from different concepts or point of views, here are few of them with explanations and examples so as to make it easier and understandable:

Types of Analogy Relationship

S. No.





Animals and Habitat

Shows the habitat of the animal.

Bear : Den :: Shark : Ocean



Shows similarity as to opposites.

Arrogant : Polite :: Atrocious : Kind



Shows the similarity as in meaning.

Shrewd : Keen :: Ecstatic : Delightful


Part to whole

Shows a part of the whole.

Sand : Beach :: Water : Ocean


Category or Type

Shows a type or kind of something.

Flute: Instrument :: Painting : Art


 Cause and Effect

Shows a cause or indication of something.

Hungry: Eat :: Thirsty : Drink


Degree of Intensity

Shows Small or Large

Hot : Boiling :: Cool : Freezing


Performer to Related Action

Shows one who does or performs some action.

Chef : Cooks :: Singer : Sings


Object to Function

Show the use of things.

Nose : Smell :: Ear : Hear


Symbol and Representation

Show the symbol to represent things.

Rose : Love :: Dove : Peace



Shows a particular order in which related things follow each other.

March : April :: Spring : Summer



Shows a thing or person that is the result of an action or process.

Honey : Bee :: Milk : Cow


Place and Object

Shows the places where the objects belong.

London : Big Ben :: India : Taj Mehal


Odd one out

(Used in our syllabus)

Shows the incorrect or dissimilar item among a similar group of things.

Big: Huge: Gigantic: Tiny: Large.

Here Tiny is the odd one out, as all others have the same meaning.

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