Olympiad Genius - FAQs

1. What are Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad Exams are school level competitive examinations which help students in assessing their potential at various level like school, city, zone, country and even global. These exams are conducted by various independent organizations. There exams not only give exposure of competitive world to students but also help students in understanding the concepts of their school level.

2. Why one should participate in Olympiad Exams?

Olympiad Exams give exposure of competitive world to students. Exams are based on general syllabus of each class but questions asked are based on advanced understanding of concepts. While preparing for these exams students get a chance to understand the concepts at advanced level. 

3. Is there any special syllabus for these exams?

No. These Exams are based on general syllabus of each class but questions asked are based on advanced understanding of concepts.

4. Do these exams require special preparation?

Yes. As these exams are based on advanced level of concepts, special kind of preparation is required to achieve excellence in these exams.

5. What is Olympiad Genius?

Olympiad Genius is a web/mobile based solution which helps student in excelling these exams. It not only helps students in preparing for Olympiads but also help them with their school studies. Olympiad Genius is a helper, a true friend and mentor which will guide you through path to success.

6. What are unique features of Olympiad Genius?

Olympiad Genius uses a unique methodology of Learn-Assess-Improve to guide you through the path to success. 

  1. Learn - There are very few websites which actually have study material for Olympiads. Most of the sites have only question banks. There is no use going through a test when concept is not clear. This is sheer wastage of time and students end up in mugging the answers. Unlike others, Olympiad Genius provide very focused and advanced level of study material covering entire syllabus of each Subject. This material is prepared with our team of experts which consists of veterans in field of education and teachers of renowned schools . This content is reviewed for quality.
  2. Assess - Olympiad Genius offers rich set of questions covering each topic. These questions are based on exact pattern of renowned Olympiad Exams. To give a realistic experience of these exams, Olympiad Genius offers number of model tests. These tests are downloadable. There is no fun in doing math on computers. You can download these tests, set an alarm clock and jump to assess your preparedness. 
  3. Improve - Olympiad Genius suggests an improvement plan based on your latest assessment of a topic. This improvement plan consists of study material, pointers to free web resources to clear concepts and adaptive tests. Adaptive tests are generated scientifically to re-assess the lacking areas.

7. What are the pricings of packages and what will I get?

As an inaugural offer Olympiad Genius is offering a combo package worth Rs 2397/- at a price of Rs 1425/- only. This package will consist of 3 major subjects of Olympiads:

Individual package for each subject is being offered at Rs 799/-. Individual packages are available for subjects : Maths, Science and English.

Package offers online study material, questions bank, model tests and improvement plans.

8. Whom do I contact in case of any issues?

You can call our customer care at 9130433844 or drop a mail to us at support@olympiadgenius.com.