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We use clock or watch to know time.

There are 3 hands in a clock - hour, minute and second hand.  

The hour hand is shortest and slowest moving. It completes one full rotation in 12 hours.

The minute hand is the longest. It completes 1 full rotation in 1 hour.

The second is the thinnest. It is the fastest moving hand. It completes one rotation in 1 minute.

60 seconds=1 Minute
60 Minutes=1 Hour
24 Hours=1 Day



Reading time :

  1. Look at hour hand. If it's in the middle of a number or ahead of the middle of a number then number corresponds to the currently running hour.
  2. Look at the minute hand. Entire rotation of minute hand can be divided into 60 parts (marks). These 60 marks are further divided into 12 parts (numbers). Each number denotes 5 marks. Thus if the minute hand is on 2 it means 2 X 5=10 minutes.


1. The hour hand is slightly ahead of the middle of 7 and the minute hand is at 3. It means currently running hour is 7. As the minute hand is on 3 it means 3 X 5=15 minutes. So time is 15 minutes past 7 or Quarter past 15 minutes.

2. The hour hand is reaching towards the middle of 6 and the minute hand is at 9. As hour hand has not reached the middle of 6 but reaching towards it, currently running hour is 5. As the minute hand is on 9, it means 9 X 5=45 minutes. So the time is 45 minutes past 5. As it is only 15 minutes (60-45) left to reach 60 and complete the 6th hour we can also say that it is quarter to 6.


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