Grade 2, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Capitalization 

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Grade 2  |   English  |   Capitalization, Articles, Capitalisation and punctuation, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO

Capitalization rules

  1. The first word of every sentence is capitalized.
  2. Proper nouns are capitalized.
    Correct: I and Ram went to market.
    Incorrect: I and ram went to market.
  3. First person "I" is always capitalized.
  4. Common nouns are not capitalized
  5. Relations when used as a proper noun. E.g. My Mother asked me to go to market.
  6. Countries and languages are capitalized. E.g. India, English, French etc.
  7. Days of the week and months of the year. E.g. Monday, November etc.
  8. Planets, monuments, man-made landmarks, holy books, news papers, organizations etc.
  9. States, countries, cities, mountains, seas, oceans etc are capitalized.
  10. Initials and titles are capitalized. E.g. Mr., Dr. etc.


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