Grade 2, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Family 

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Grade 2  |   Science  |   Family, Family and Festivals, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO


Humans are social animals and humans prefer to live in families. A family generally includes parents and their children.

Members of a family have a common surname like Sharma, Gupta, Sinha etc.

Members of a family have individual first names (or sometimes second names)

Members of a family are similar in some traits like profession, looks, habits etc.

Nuclear Family: Nuclear families are small families which consists of parents (mother, father) and their children (sons, daughters). These types of families are mostly found in metro cities.

Joint Family: A bigger family where grandparents, parents and their siblings and children and their cousins are also part of the family and they all stay together. Nowadays we see very less joint families. Joint families are mostly found in villages.

Single Parent Family: When there is a single parent (either father or mother) in the family, the family is known as single-parent family.

Family Tree:



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