Grade 4, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Synonym/Antonym 

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Grade 4  |   English  |   Synonym/Antonym, Homophones, Synonym/Antonym, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO


Antonyms: Words having opposite meanings.

Synonyms: Words having similar meanings.


DomesticLocal, Internal, Nativeimported, Alien, Outsider
AmazeSurprised, Astonish, Bewilder, Stun, flabberghast 
BraveCourageous, Valiant, FearlessCoward, Timid, Weakling
BraveryCourage, ValourCowardice, Fearfulness, Timidity
LoveAffection, FondnessHatred, Dislike
PraiseAdmiration, Adore, GlorifyCriticize, Condemn
FriendPal, Buddy, Companion, AllyEnemy, Foe, Rival, Opponent
EnemyEnemy, Foe, Rival, OpponentPal, Buddy, Companion, Ally
RoughUneven, irregular, bumpyflat, smooth, sleek
HappyCheerful, Joyful, Jovial, Merry, Jolly, delightedUnhappy, sorrowful, dejected, miserable, crestfallen
AngryIrate, irritated, annoyed, displeasedHappy, glad, delighted, pleased
VictorySuccess, triumph, win, conquestFailure, Defeat
ColdChilly, FreezingBalmy, summery, scorching
FaithfulLoyal, staunch, resoluteUnfaithful, disloyal, treacherous
RichWealthy, Affluent, ProsperousPoverty-stricken, Beggarly, Needy
OldElderly, aged, seniorYoung, Youthful
BeastWild animal, creature, brute, monsterDomestic animal, Hero, Saint, Angel
HilariousVery funny, AmusingSerious
RidiculousLaughable, Absurd, HumourousSerious, sensible, reasonable
SeriousSerious, sensible, reasonableFunny, Amusing, Ridiculous, Hilarious
HugeEnormous, vast, immense, colossalMinute, mini, tiny, insignificant
TinyMinute, mini, insignificantEnormous, vast, immense, colossal, huge
ScaredFrightened, afraid, fearful, panicky, worriedCalm, composed, confident
Innocentblameless, guiltless, clearGuilty, culpable, blameworthy
DifficultHard, strenuous, heavy, toughEasy, straightforward, simple
BoringDull, tedious, monotonousInteresting, absorbing, fascinating, gripping
Painsuffering, agony, afflictioncomfort, solace, peace
TrustBelief, faith, assuranceDistrust, mistrust, skepticism
TiredExhausted, fatigued, worn out, weary, spentEnergetic, fresh, lively, spirited, bubbly, active, tireless



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