Grade 5, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Homophones 

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Definition: Words which sound the same but have different meanings are called homophones. e.g. Dear and Deer, Pair and Pear etc.

Have a look at the common homophones :


1. ate, eight


ate: Past tense of eating. E.g. I ate an egg in the breakfast yesterday. 

eight (8): The number. E.g. I have eight pencils


2. bare, bear


bare: Not covered. E.g. I walked on the sand bare feet. 

bear: A wild animal.


3. buy, by, bye


buy:  To purchase something 


near or next -> My home is by the river.

created or written by -> My favorite book is 'Jungle Book' by Rudyard Kipling.

bye: A shorter way to say 'Goodbye'


4. cell, sell


      Prison or small room.

      A battery.

      A cell phone

sell: To exchange something for money.


5. dew, do, due

dew: Water droplets that condensed from the air during the night and accumulate on ground, plants and other objects.

do: To do something.

due: final or last date for some work.


6. fairy, ferry

fairy: A mythical or imaginary creature that can perform magic.

ferry: A kind of boat.


7. flour, flower

flour: Powder produced by grinding the grains. It is used for making chapatis and bread. 

flower: The part of plant that is brightly colored.


8. knight, night


knight: A mounted soldier.

night: Period for which there is no sunlight and its dark everywhere. People sleep at night.


9. mail, male

mail: A letter. 

male: something masculine.


10. marry, merry

marry: Two people have a wedding.

merry: Happy


11. pair, pear

pair: A set of two things that go together.

pear: A fruit


12. sight, site

sight: sense of seeing or looking.

site: Place


13. steel, steal

steel: Hard and durable metallic material.

steal: To take something without permission and without the intention of giving it back.


14. week, weak

week: A period of seven days.

weak: Low in physical strength and energy.


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