Grade 5, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Proper noun and Common noun 

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Grade 5  |   English  |   Proper noun and Common noun, Noun, Pronoun and Adjectives, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO


A noun is a naming word. It can be the name of anything, a person, a place, a thing, a material or even a feeling. E.g. Tom, Delhi, Table, Gold, Bravery etc.


There are 5 types of noun.

  1. Proper noun: It is the name of an individual person, place or organization. It is always written with the first letter in the capital form. E.g. Ram, Shyam, Agra etc. 
  2. Common noun: It is the common name given to each individual of a particular type. E.g. My name is Ram. Ram is a proper noun here. But I am human. Human is the common name given to each individual of my type, so human is a common noun. Other examples of common noun are cow, dog, elephant, student etc.
  3. Collective noun: It is used to refer to a group of a particular type of individuals. E.g. group of cows is called herd. Similarly, a group of lions is called pride.
  4. Material Noun: It refers to the matter, material or substance with which things are made. E.g. gold, silver, milk etc.
  5. Abstract noun: A noun which is used to denote something which is not concrete or physically existing but merely an idea, a feeling, a state or an action. E.g. youthfulness, bravery, beauty, fear, honesty etc.

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