Grade 5, Maths Olympiad (CBSE) - Largest, Smallest sense 

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Grade 5  |   Maths  |   Largest, Smallest sense, Numerals and Numbers, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO

Greater than, Less than

  • To compare 2 numbers, first, we have to compare the number of digits.
  • The number which has more digits is greater than the other number.
  • While counting digits zeros in the leftmost places should be ignored if there are any.
  • If two numbers have the same number of digits than we should compare digits starting from the leftmost place. The number which has higher leftmost digit is greater than other. If leftmost digits are same we should compare next digits to the right. We have to move right till we get 2 different digits. If we don't get any 2 different digits than both numbers must be same.
  • E.g. if we have to compare 4367 and 890, then 4367 is greater than 890 as it has more digits.
  • If we have to compare 4367 with 4384, as the numbers of digits are same we have to start comparing the digits from the leftmost place. 2 leftmost digits are same in both the numbers (4 and 3). Next digits on the right are 6 and 8. As 8 is greater than 6, so 4384 is greater than 4367.


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