Grade 5, Maths Olympiad (CBSE) - Place value, face value 

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Grade 5  |   Maths  |   Place value, face value, Numerals and Numbers, Olympiad, CBSE, ICSE, SOF, ITO

Face value, Place value

  • A number can consist of one or many digits.
  • Each digit has a place (or we can say a position) in the number
  • Places are defined as units, tens, hundreds, thousands and so on starting from the right. Thus rightmost place is the unit place.
  • Each digit has 2 types of values - face value and place value
  • Face value is the actual value of a digit irrespective of its position.

    E.g. place value of 9 in 4928 is 9. Similarly, place value of 8 in 4928 is 8.

  • Place value possessed by digit because of its place or position in the number. 
  • Place value = (face value of the digit) X (value of the position or place).

    E.g. place value of 9 in 4928 = face value of 9 X value of the place (hundred) = 9 X 100 = 900.

  • At unit's place, face value and place value of a number are same.
  • Face value and place value of zero is always zero.


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