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Collocation words


The dictionary meaning of collocation is:

“A word or group of words that occur together frequently (eg: heavy traffic)”.

In the words of learned people:

“A collocation is the combination of two or more words which just sound right when used by native speakers (associated with a person’s place of birth).

In simple words:

“A collocation is a pair or group of words that are often used together. These combinations are used in such a way that they sound natural or genuine to the listener”.

Some combinations just sound “wrong” or “unnatural”. For example: the adjective ‘fast’ collocates correctly with ‘food’ (fast food), but not with ‘meal’ (fast meal) as it sounds unnatural. ‘Quick’ collocates correctly with ‘meal’ (a quick meal), but not with ‘food’ (quick food) as this also sounds unnatural or unpleasant.

Natural English

Unnatural English

Fast food

The fast Train

Quick food

The quick Train

Quick meal

Quick start

Fast meal

Fast start


Few examples of collocation words:

  • I am so tired of doing homework every day. I need a change.
  • The doctor diagnosed her with a case of obesity.


Need to know collocations:

  • The language will sound more natural and will be easily understood.
  • Alternatives and bigger ways of expression.
  • Will be easier for the brain to remember and use language in chunks (grouped together example: Metallic sound) or blocks rather than one word.
  • Will enhance written English.



Types of collocations:

  • Adverb + adjective=Heavy drinker
  • Adjective + noun=Difficult decision
  • Adjective + verb=Cold storage
  • Noun + noun=Railway station
  • Noun + verb=Fruit seller
  • Verb+ noun=Running track
  • Preposition + noun=over lap
  • Noun + preposition=Switch over
  • Preposition + verb=Input
  • Verb + Expression with preposition=Angry over something
  • Verb + adverb=Running Fast


Most commonly used collocation words with examples:




Have a cup of tea, Have lunch.

Save time, Save money.

Make progress, Make money.




Catch a train, Catch a fire.

Get going, Get well soon.

Go home, Go crazy.




Take action, Take a break.

Break a leg, Break a record.

Come to a decision, Come on lets go.




Do your best, Do the needful.

Pay attention, Pay the price.

Keep in touch, Keep quite.



Remember it correctly, Remember me.



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