Grade 6, English Olympiad (CBSE) - Everyday problems 

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Vocabulary is the collection of words arranged in the alphabetical order explained or used in a particular language. It is also known as word stock.

A special set of words are used in a particular language, whether it is English, French, Spanish or Hindi. It is the list of or collection of words and phrases of a particular language or of a technical field (say doctor, engineer, etc.) alphabetically arranged, explained or defined in a Dictionary.

One’s vocabulary should be vast, these are the total number of words one know or use in a particular language. If your vocabulary is vast and you have learnt many words it is really easy to express yourself in different ways.

All types of words, phrases, homophones, synonyms and antonyms are part of your vocabulary.

“As many words in your vocabulary, you become more expressive and knowledgeable”.

Few words related to the following topics: These can be confused with synonyms but actually as many words you learn, it will be good for you.

Everyday Problems


Health And Medicine


Hurt – injured

Best Friends – Buddies

Doctor – Physician

Coach – Carriage

Mechanical Failure - Broke down

Brother/ Sister – Siblings

Pharmacist – Chemist

Commute – Travel

Terrified – horrified

Comrade – Colleague

Indigestion – Upset Stomach

Concession – Rebate

Mark – Spot

Disobey – Disrespect

Dietician – Expert in diet and nutrition 

Garage – Carport

Borrow – Take

Relatives – Relations

Tonsillitis – Tonsils

Transport – Transfer

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