Grade 3, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Mass communication 

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Mass communication

When a message is to be delivered to a large number of people located at different places we use means of mass communication. E.g. newspapers, magazines, television, radio, loudspeaker and social media blogs etc.

Means of Mass communication

Newspaper and Magazines
Newspaper updates us with happenings all over the world. The newspaper and magazines are printed in different languages.

Email, Instant chat messages, Video chat apps
The Internet is the most preferred way of communication among people as it is cheap, fast and reliable.
You can send messages to anyone located in any part of the world through email. You can do video chat with your relatives and friends living anywhere in the world.
Chats and video chats are considered faster than emails.

Radio and Television
Television and radio are sources of entertainment and information.
Television can broadcast video and audio whereas radio can only broadcast audio.

Satellites are used for communicating with remote and inaccessible areas. They can be used to live telecast a match being played in a different country.

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