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We need shelter:

  • to protect ourselves from harsh weather conditions
  • to protect ourselves from wild animals
  • to keep ourselves safe, secure and comfortable

The house type depends upon the climate and weather of the area. Houses are built with readily available materials in the area.


Different types of houses:

Kutcha house: Houses in remote areas and villages are built with readily available material like wood, stones, clay, mud, leaves, thatch or crops residue. These houses are not durable and are thus called kutcha houses

Pucca house: Houses in urban areas and cities are built with cement, mortars and bricks. These houses are well planned. These houses are durable and are thus called pucca houses. e.g. apartments, manors, bungalows, mansions etc. Pucca houses are also called permanent houses.


Temporary houses: Houses which are not fixed and can be carried from one place to another are called temporary houses.e.g. tent houses, caravans, houseboats etc

Few exciting houses :

Caravans: In the ancient times' some people used to carry their goods on bullock carts and camels. They used to move from one place to another in groups in search of markets for their goods. Such people were known as nomads. Their moving houses were called caravans. Nowadays, a caravan refers to a special vehicle which has all the facilities of a house. 

Caravan of camels


 Caravan truck

Igloo: These houses are also known as snow house or snow hut. Igloos are found in Greenland and Arctic region of Canada. People who live in Igloos are called Eskimos. Igloos are made of snow and ice blocks. Though they are made of ice they are warm inside.

Houseboats: In India, houseboats are found in Dal lake in Kashmir and in Kerala. Such boats have all facilities of a house.

Stilt houses: They are also known as pile dwellings or palafitte. These houses are built on piles over soil or water. These houses can be found in flood-prone areas.


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