Grade 3, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Types of plants 

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Types of plants

Plants are classified into 4 major categories :

  1. Trees - Trees are large plants with a single strong woody stem. Their stem is covered by bark.e.g. Neem, Mango, Banyan, Deodar etc. There are few trees with a non-woody stem. Banana and papaya trees have a non-woody stem.
  2. Shrubs - Shrubs are bushy plants. Many strong stems grow near the ground. They are generally smaller than trees. e.g. rose, lemon etc.
  3. Climbers - Climbers or creepers are plants with a weak stem. They cannot stand straight and thus grow along with other plants, walls or on the ground. e.g. money plant, melons etc
  4. Herb - Herb are small plants and known for their aromatic and medicinal usages. e.g. spinach, coriander and mint etc.



Useful herbs :


Aquatic Plants :

Aquatic plants are the plants which grow in water. E.g. Water hyacinth, water lettuce, lotus and fanwort.


Weed plants :

Weed plants are undesired plants. They are unwanted plants in farm fields. They can grow and spread anywhere without any care. They cause harm to crops as they extract water and minerals from soil meant for crops. They can be removed manually or by using herbicides.

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