Grade 4, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Characterstics of living things 

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Characteristics of living things:

  • They can grow.
  • They can move.
  • They can give birth to their young ones.
  • They need food and air to survive.
  • They are sensitive to touch.

Characteristics of non-living things:

  • They cannot grow.
  • They cannot move.
  • They cannot give birth to their young ones.
  • They don't need food and air to survive.

Living things can move on their own like horse gallops, birds fly, monkeys jump on trees etc. Plants do not move from one place to another but they grow in the direction of sunlight. Thus they make movement in the direction of light. Parts of plants like creepers and climbers move towards support. Roots of plants like cactus grow deep in search of water. 

Imp concept: There is a misconception that plants breathe through leaves only. In fact, plants breathe through all parts. Roots breathe air present in soil through thin hairs present on root.

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Differences in living and non living things.
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