Grade 4, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Types of feet (Birds) 

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Birds feet or claws

Feet of birds depend upon their place of living or preying.

Ducks, geese,  swans and other birds which live near water have webbed feet which help them to swim.

Perching birds or songbirds have small feet with 3 toes in front and 1 toe pointing backwards. This helps them in clinging to branches. E.g. sparrows and pigeon etc.

Climbing birds have 2 toes pointing forward and 2 pointing backwards. This helps them in clutching to trees and branches. 4 toes act like anchors. e.g. Woodpecker

Birds of prey have strong feet, claws with sharp talons. Sharp talons help them in catching and killing their preys.

Birds which live near the marshy areas of coastal areas have wading feet. They have long slender legs and long toes which help them to walk through water easily. E.g. Cranes, Herons, and Sandpipers

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