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Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

3 Rs is an effective to reduce wastages of resources and to reduce the amount of waste produced. We should follow 3 Rs for conserving our resources and saving our environment. This will also help us in keeping our environment and surrounding clean and waste-free.

Reduce: We should wisely use resources which are scanty or take time replenish. We should cut down or reduce the use of such resources. e.g. water. We should not waste water while brushing, shaving or bathing. Similarly, we should use electric power wisely.

Reuse: We should try to reuse our waste products. Old and not useful products and material can be donated to be reused by others. We can reuse waste cans and bottles to store other stuff or for plantations.

Recycle: Materials like metals, glass, plastic and paper can be recycled. They can again be converted back to raw material and reused for creating new objects. We should not throw away this material but rather put them in a separate dustbin meant for recycling wastes.



Rainwater harvesting is saving and storing rainwater so that it can be used wisely.

Renewable resources: Resources which can replenish or refill themselves are called renewable resources. e.g. water and wind.

Non-renewable resources: Resources which are in limited quantity and do not replenish or take very long to replenish are called non-renewable resources. e.g. fossil fuels.

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