Grade 7, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Breathing in animals 

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It is the process of inhaling ( taking in) and exhaling (giving out) the oxygen from the air, for the process of respiration to occur.

Breathing in  animals

Different animals have different ways of breathing like amphibians can breathe through lungs and skin both, fish have gills in place lungs, etc. 

Breathing in fish

Gills are the respiratory organs present in fish. They intake oxygen in the dissolved form. The water enters their body through the mouth and then passes through the gills and comes out from the operculum. The gills take in the dissolved oxygen from the water and gives out carbon dioxide. the picture below shows gills in Tuna.


Breathing in cockroach

Cockroaches and other insects breath through the very small pores called spiracles. There is a network of hollow tubes running through the body of an insect. These hollow tubes are trachea which opens on the body surface as spiracles. 

Breathing in earthworm and frogs

An earthworm's skin is the respiratory organ for it. The skin is moist and slimy which helps the oxygen to diffuse in and carbon dioxide out of the body. Frogs too do use their skin to respire inside water whereas in the land they use their lungs to breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. 

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