Grade 7, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Role of the meteorological department of a country 

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It is the day to day condition of the atmosphere at a place which depends upon the temperature, humidity, wind speed, humidity, etc. The sun is responsible for all the atmospheric changes around us. The presence of carbon dioxide, methane and water vapor plays an important role in determining the weather. 

Meteorologists record the weather every day as it helps us to determine the pattern of the weather of a place. The average weather of the palace for a long time is called the climate of the place. 

We can find the mean temperature for a given month in the following two steps. 

1. Firstly, the Average of the temperatures recorded during the month.

2. Then calculate the average of such temperatures over many years. 

Role of the meteorological department of a country

1. It makes the weather prediction which helps farmers and agriculture the most by providing monsoon rainfall reports. 

2. It provides earthquake reports by studying seismic activities. 

3. It provides the aviation sector the fog information

4. At the time of natural disaster like tsunami cyclones etc. The meteorological department makes a prediction and provides zonal alerts. 

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