Grade 7, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Conductors and insulators 

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Conductors are the materials or substances which allow electricity to flow through them. They are able to conduct electricity because they allow electrons to flow inside them with less resistance. Conductors have this property of allowing the transition of heat from one source to another due to the presence of free electrons which help in conduction of heat.

Metals, humans, earth, and animal bodies are all conductor. Our human body allows a resistance-free path for the current to flow from wire to our body which causes us to feel the electric shock.


Such substances which for not allow the passage of current through them are called as Insulators. In insulators, the electrons do not move easily whereas in metals there are free electrons that take part in the conduction of electric current. 

Glass, rubber, wood, etc are some examples of insulators. 

Graphite is the only non-metal which is also a good conductor of electricity. Along with we must remember that pure water is a poor conductor of electricity but if we add some salt to it then it's the ability to conduct electricity increases. 

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