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Effects of electric current
The electricity can be easily converted into other forms of energy like light energy, heat energy, magnetic energy, chemical energy, etc depending upon the type of device we use for them. 

Heating effect of electric current

Whenever the current flows from the conductor, the resistance of the conductor converts some of the electrical energy into the heat energy. So, it can be concluded that the greater is the resistance of a conductor, the greater the heating effect. This principle is used to produce heat in household appliances like an electric bulb, electric heater, electric iron, electric oven, etc. Elements like Tungsten and nichrome are used in these appliances which have very high resistance. 

Electric fuse

A fuse is a safety device which is used to protect electric circuit and other electrical appliances like a bulb, tube light, fans, T.V, refrigerator etc from getting damaged due to the excessive flow of current. 

A short circuit occurs when an excessive amount of current passes through a wire when the live wire touches the neutral one. It produces a large amount of heat which causes the wire to catch fire and this results in the fire accident. A fuse is a very essential part of the power distribution system which prevents fire accidents due to overloading or short circuit. 

Types of fuses

Blade fuse- such fuses are the plugin type of fuses which are made up of ceramic or plastic body and has two ends that fit a socket.

British plug fuse- Such fuses provide better protection for small appliances. It is a cartridge fuse which is placed inside the socket. 

Fuse boxes- Such fuses were used in old times and were known as consumer units. These fuses boxes used separate fuse for different rooms. Whenever the circuit cuts off due to the melting of wire, the circuit can be closed by replacing the thin wire from a new one. 

MCBs- Such Fuses are used in modern houses and are called Modern consumer units. It prevents the short circuit or overloading  and can be used again normally .

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