Grade 7, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Breathing in plants 

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Breathing in plants

All the plants cannot afford to develop respiratory organs for them due to the variety of sizes they acquire. As their growth is unlimited they cannot develop respiratory organ for themselves. Each part of the plant breathes through the external layer of the cells. Roots breath through the root hairs, stems through the epidermis, and leaves through the tiny small opening called stomata.

Stomata allows the exchange of gases. 

Structure of stomata

The stomatal opening is surrounded by the kidney shaped cells called guard cells which are responsible for the opening and closing of the stomatal opening. When the plants needs to close the stomata the guard cells swell up as ther are filled with water shutting the pore slowly. When plant wants to open the stomatal opening the water in the guard cells is drained, and shrinking occurs opening the pores slowly.

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