Grade 7, Science Olympiad (CBSE) - Some facts regarding the habitat 

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It is the localities or the surroundings in which a number of plants and animals live. Habitat means a dwelling place. It must offer the resident organism food, shelter and climatic conditions that help the organisms to survive and reproduce easily. 


It is a region or areas with special features that suit some specific organisms better than others. This comes under the habitat only. 

  • Temperature influences all the life forms. It is one of the most important and changeable environmental factors. It is also a limiting factor for the growth and distribution of animals and plants. 
  • Humidity affects the climate of a place. It is measured using a hygrometer. Humdity is affected by intensity for temperature, altitudes, wind exposure and water status of soil, solar radiation etc. 
  • Wind velocity is measured by an instrument known as anemometer. This ecological factor of the atmosphere effects various the plant life in plains, sea coasts and at high altitudes in mountains.
  • The chief gases present in the atmosphere are oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen and all of these have great influence on the living organisms. 
  • Rainfall is considered the source of ground water and humidity.  The vegetation and animal population of a region depends upon the amount of rainfall in that area.

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